Sylvaine Ogier-Soulard
Thierry Soulard
1538 Avenue de Provence
06140 VENCE

tél: 04 93 58 38 65 / 06 16 50 13 63

The garden and the pool

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Piscine vue depuis palmier

In front of the patio is a small garden with an olive-tree a mimosa , lavenders, roses and other local flowers. A few steps down and the swimming pool -in the sun all day- awaits you for a lazy afternoon. If the sun gets too hot, you can shelter in the shade of the palm tree.

At the bottom of the garden: lofty pine-trees, eucalyptus, Tuscany cypresses and the sea in the distance. Nothing to disturb your siesta, only the chirping of birds and the flight of doves.


Jardins devant lavandes Escaliers Piscine vue mer Terrasses vues depuis la piscine